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Marketing for Non-Profits and Community Orgs

Build A Presence for Change

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Our Solutions Mix

  • Market Research and Analysis, Data Analytics, and Reporting

  • Brand Development, Design, and Positioning

  • Website, SEO, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing Solutions

  • CRM and Digital Fundraising Solutions

  • Social Media Strategy and Planning

  • Content Marketing, Content Creation, and Storytelling

  • Training and Workshops

  • Apps, Infrastructure, and technology implementation

Outcomes and Achievement

What we deliver through our work together:

  1. Increased Online Visibility: Enhanced digital presence through SEO and targeted online marketing, leading to greater awareness of the organization's mission and initiatives.

  2. Higher Engagement Levels: Improved engagement with supporters, donors, and the community through compelling storytelling and effective social media strategies.

  3. Boost in Fundraising Efforts: More successful fundraising campaigns due to strategic digital marketing and use of innovative fundraising tools, resulting in increased donations.

  4. Enhanced Donor Retention: Better communication and engagement strategies leading to stronger relationships with existing donors and supporters, ensuring long-term support.

  5. Effective Volunteer Recruitment: Increased volunteer sign-ups and participation through targeted marketing and clear, compelling calls-to-action.

  6. Stronger Brand Identity: A cohesive and resonant brand identity that aligns with the organization's values and appeals to its target audience.

  7. Data-Driven Insights: Access to valuable data analytics, providing insights into campaign performance and audience behavior, enabling smarter, more effective marketing decisions.

  8. Increased Community Impact: Greater reach and influence in the community, leading to more substantial and visible impacts from the organization’s initiatives.

  9. Empowerment through Training: Enhanced skills and knowledge for the organization's team, empowering them to manage and implement ongoing marketing efforts effectively.

  10. Improved Communication Efficiency: Streamlined communication processes with integrated digital tools, leading to more efficient and effective outreach and engagement efforts.

Non-profit organizations and community groups operate in a unique landscape where emotional connection and community involvement take precedence. Their marketing efforts must not only inform but also inspire, making storytelling a pivotal tool. By weaving compelling narratives that resonate with their audience's values and experiences, these organizations can deepen engagement and foster a sense of belonging. This approach is crucial in creating lasting relationships with supporters and volunteers, emphasizing the power of stories to turn passive observers into active participants in a cause.

We're all connected. Our job is to illuminate and fortify those connections that lift each other up. Cultural and community-focused organizations need specialized solutions and marketing expertise that ties personal agency to community missions. We take the time to get to know you, your mission, and your community to educate, connect, and activate — and that gets results!

We Understand The Challenges and Opportunities in Non-Profit Marketing

We help to build a community culture. Marketing for non-profits presents a blend of challenges and opportunities, distinct from the commercial sector. Key among these is the need to strike a delicate balance between raising awareness, generating funds, recruiting volunteers, and making a tangible community impact. These objectives are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations, each requiring a nuanced approach. Awareness campaigns must cut through the noise to capture attention, fundraising efforts need to inspire generosity, volunteer recruitment should resonate with a sense of purpose, and all must collectively work towards making a real difference in the community. Navigating these multifaceted goals is both a challenge and an opportunity to innovate and connect more deeply with the organization's audience.

Aligning Marketing Strategies with Missions and Values

For non-profits, the congruence between their marketing strategies and their core missions and values is not just beneficial but essential. Marketing efforts must be a reflection of the organization's ethos, ensuring authenticity and trustworthiness in the eyes of the audience. This alignment not only reinforces the organization's message and goals but also attracts and retains supporters and volunteers who share similar values. It's about creating a cohesive narrative that not only tells what the organization does but also embodies why it does it, resonating deeply with those it seeks to engage and mobilize.

Sample Solutions ...

What our clients say...

​"As an advocate for the Town of Hammonton, a business owner, and a board member of a cultural institution, I've engaged Metamorphosis over and over: from helping to coordinate and deliver our town's brand; to a local non-profit arts organization engaging patrons and reaching new ones; to ensuring visitors from out of town make the most of their experience and connect with local businesses. Metamorphosis 'gets us' — our community and our organizations' missions — and helps us support our local business growth according to our strategic plans."

James Donio

Town Advocate, Hammonton NJ

How we do it ...

Consulting and Infrastructure

Consulting and Infrastructure

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Measurement and Reporting

Measurement and Reporting

Website Design and Application Development

Website Design and Application Development

CRM, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation

CRM, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation

SEO Audit, Content Report, and Content Planning

SEO Audit, Content Report, and Content Planning

Creative Strategy and Campaign Planning

Creative Strategy and Campaign Planning

Website and Blog Content

Website and Blog Content

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