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Measurement and Reporting

Approximate time to execute:


There is no "set it and forget it" in marketing success. Measure, Refine, and Repeat.

Measuring our efforts helps us improve, whether thats for a website, in social media, advertising, community engagement, or brand awareness. We use a variety of online and offline measurement tools to glean insights that matter and then provide the recommendations to ensure continuous growth and improvement.

So, what's typically included?

  • Measurement planning

  • Offline measurement frameworks and activities, as applicable

  • Online measurement tools

  • Reports and dashboards

What are the outcomes?

  • Leverageable insights about community/customer behaviors

  • Information to help strategic planning and decisionmaking

  • Tactical steering and specific optimizations to assets and activities

No two situations are the same

All of our solutions are customized for your specific business case. We start with proven frameworks, not cookie-cutter solutions, and build the right plan for you.

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