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CRM, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation

Approximate time to execute:

1 – 2 weeks

Some tools give you superpowers by reducing workload: marketing automation helps you engage prospective customers without manual intervention so they enter your CRM and can become customers, and email marketing helps convert them and re-engage existing customers to motivate new behaviors — often without sustained effort on the part of your business.

So, what's typically included?

  • Chat-bots can enroll prospective customers and audience members in your CRM, even before the real dialog begins so that you can reach them through campaign activities later. And, importantly, chatbots can relieve you of basic support exchanges and help existing customers find what they need, saving your precious time for more complex scenarios and other aspects of running your business. Chatbots can be deployed on your website, in social media, in your existing app, or as a new one, and across multiple digital channels simultaneously.

  • Marketing automation is a set of planned triggers for your prospects and customers that help them at just the right moments during their engagement. In a pre-sales scenario, this may be a set of messages and alerts that helps them convert better and/or faster. In a support scenario, we can build simple Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven workflows that help customers get the help or documentation they need, faster. For post-sales, automation often includes time-based email, social media, or SMS follow-ups to show your customers some love, onboarding workflows, or highlighting key features of your product or service.

  • Email marketing can be triggered from your automation or can be used to highlight current campaigns, sales, new products, and services, or recent news to engage. If a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or Email Services Provider (ESP) doesn't already exist, one can be implemented quickly and a set of templates to support automation and/or marketing can be developed. From there, we will write the fundamental messages to support your automation and marketing workflows, allowing you to refine and reutilize these templates over time.

What are the outcomes?

  • Increased brand perception: automation can be used to simplify customer experiences which leads to happier customers who become repeat customers and evangelists for your brand;

  • Increased engagement and conversion: automation and email marketing helps engage new prospects and reactivate existing customers, leading to higher conversion rates;

  • Do more with less: these tools relieve stress from time-intensive activities, freeing you and your team up for additional business and marketing activities.

No two situations are the same

All of our solutions are customized for your specific business case. We start with proven frameworks, not cookie-cutter solutions, and build the right plan for you.

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