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Shop Lawrence

Industry: Municipal Government / Local Business Support

Services Provided:

  • Development of an online business database

  • Integration of municipal business data

  • Website application development

  • Content management system implementation

  • Support for local business promotion campaigns

Background and Challenge:

The Township of Lawrence sought to promote economic growth and community engagement by making its local business information more accessible to residents. Despite having a flat-file database of local businesses, this valuable resource remained underutilized as it was not accessible to the public. The township aimed to leverage this database to encourage local shopping and provide a platform for business visibility, but lacked the means to effectively achieve this goal.

Approach and Solution:

Our agency developed a bespoke website product and then tailored it to the unique needs of the Township of Lawrence. This solution involved several key steps:

  1. Integration of Existing Business Database: We seamlessly integrated the township's existing business database into the new website application, ensuring all local business information was accurately represented and easily accessible.

  2. User-Friendly Interface Design: The website was designed with a focus on user experience, making it simple for residents to find and learn about local businesses.

  3. Content Management System (CMS): A CMS was implemented to facilitate easy updates and maintenance of business listings, promotional content, and a library of forms relevant to both businesses and residents.

  4. Promotional Campaign Support: The "Shop Lawrence" campaign was launched in conjunction with the website, encouraging residents to support their local economy by shopping locally.


The partnership between our agency and the Township of Lawrence has transformed the way local businesses can be discovered and supported by the community. By leveraging technology to make the township's business database accessible and engaging, we've not only facilitated economic growth but also strengthened the bond between the community, its local businesses, and the Township. This project exemplifies how digital solutions can be effectively used by municipalities to promote local shopping, streamline content management, and enhance community engagement.

Shop Lawrence

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