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5 Practical Tips for
Recording Great Podcasts and Audio Over the Internet

Hitting the record button is simple. Getting great audio requires a bit of know-how and practice. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make the most of your recording sessions.

2019 Year in Review

A look back at 2019 - A fantastic year for curiosity and growth

Getting More from your Agency Relationship

Working with an agency gives you certain advantages. But, there are a few important steps to take to ensure that you'll get the best results. And, a cavalier approach can lead to unpredictable and disappointing outcomes.

A Design Challenge: Your Website in 10 pages or Less

Too much information on a site can work the same way, bogging visitors down and losing sales. A good website offers a balance between a compelling simplicity with an option for more information and a lean streamlined platform that flows easily to a shopping cart or communication portal.

The Power of a Well Crafted Tag Line

A great tagline connects us to an emotion and by defining the product it helps us define ourselves to ourselves.

What Makes a Compelling Logo?

A compelling logo is simple and easily recreated. Logos with too many elements are hard to remember. Was that a unicorn and a lion on the crest?

Avoid Jargon and Speak Like a Human

So speak like a human. That’s what sets you apart from a bot. Relate to the audience and the audience will relate to you. Really listen and react like a human. It will work wonders for your business.

Stop Wasting Time with Certain Tactics

Expecting that volume-of-posts in social will somehow grow the top of your business's funnel could be a waste of time. But, it depends on the nature of the business and how leads are generated.

The Stoic's Approach to Strategy

Keeping a cool head in business requires the heart and mind of a stoic. Being able to look at the big picture and hone in on the tiniest details and foresee opportunity with clarity and discipline is the job of a strategist.


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