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Every Child Valued


Non-Profit/Community Services

Services Provided:

  • Website Development (including an interactive historical timeline and "Star Stories" feature)

  • Event Promotion and Marketing (inaugural season launch for the ECV Running Club)

  • Periodic Marketing Support (video production, brochure, and flyer design)

Background and Challenge:

Every Child Valued (ECV) is a community-focused organization dedicated to supporting families through after-school programs and educational activities. The key challenge was to effectively communicate and celebrate the program's rich history and success stories while also promoting new initiatives, such as the ECV Running Club, aimed at fostering physical fitness among middle-school and high school students.

Approach and Solution:

Our approach encompassed several key strategies:

  1. Website Development: We designed a website that not only serves as an informational hub but also as a dynamic storytelling platform. This included: (a) An interactive historical timeline showcasing the program's milestones, (b) a "Star Stories" section highlighting individual achievements of program participants, inspiring current and prospective students.

  2. ECV Running Club Launch: For the introduction of the ECV Running Club, we consulted during registration and helped document the outcomes of the program with "celebration" videos that can be used for future marketing and to court prospective sponsors, as well as to generate excitement and participation from the community.

  3. Ongoing Marketing Support: We provided ongoing support in the form of high-quality video production for digital marketing, and designing informative and visually appealing brochures and flyers for various events and programs.


  • The "history" subsite received positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and engaging content, with a significant increase in visitor traffic.

  • The "Star Stories" feature became a popular section, significantly boosting engagement from the community.

  • The launch of the ECV Running Club was met with enthusiasm, with notable participation from students.

  • The marketing materials created for various events and programs enhanced community awareness and participation in ECV’s offerings.


Our collaboration with Every Child Valued illustrates the impact of cohesive and creative marketing strategies in promoting community-based programs. The successful launch of the ECV Running Club and the enhancement of their digital presence through the "ECV History" website are testaments to the power of targeted marketing in engaging and expanding community involvement. This case study demonstrates our agency’s ability to craft tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of non-profit organizations, ultimately contributing to their meaningful missions.

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