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We're in the business of empowerment. 

We direct attention where attention is due.

We're all connected. Our job is to illuminate and fortify those connections that lift each other up.

Cultural and community-focused organizations need specialized solutions and marketing expertise that ties personal agency to community missions. We take the time to get to know you, your mission, and your community in order to educate, connect, and activate — and that gets results!

Integrated Stratedy

​"As an advocate for the Town of Hammonton, a business owner, and a board member of a cultural institution, I've engaged Metamorphosis over and over: from helping to coordinate and deliver our town's brand; to a local non-profit arts organization engaging patrons and reaching new ones; to ensuring visitors from out of town make the most of their experience and connect with local businesses. Metamorphosis 'gets us' — our community and our organizations' missions — and helps us support our local business growth according to our strategic plans."
James Donio, Town Advocate

We help to build a community culture.

The framework for success is proven: define and understand the larger objectives, invest in research and strategy, develop a holistic plan that considers everything you can control and facilitates being nimble for the things you can't control, bring together the right team and help everyone achieve success, measure, and refine.


We invest the time to get to know your business and community, deeply. We build plans that consider your objectives and your budget. And we combine the right mix of tools and personnel to help you achieve success — and we continue to build on successes for our clients because of it.


What are some of the tools we use? ...

Just a few samples of how we use these tools to elevate communities ...

Consulting and Business/Marketing Infrastructure

We're so proud of our ongoing partnership with the Town of Hammonton and Our work began with communications consulting and rapid infrastructure support at the start of the pandemic, two days before the Governor announced lockdown, by helping to deploy web and video communications infrastructure along with other related task force work. We even helped the town's local supermarket go from brick-and-mortar to a complete e-commerce operation with scheduling capabilities in under a week!


Later we helped the Town formalize its branding by refining its existing logo artwork so that it's sizeable and scaleable, and produced a brand microsite, including an asset library so that all businesses and organizations have a "single source" for reference branding and brand assets. We continue to consult with Hammonton on their infrastructure and communication needs, most recently helping them prepare for EDP soccer's seasonal and ongoing tournament visits.

Hammonton Coronavirus Task-Force Logo

Strategic Planning and Campaigning

Eagle Theatre is a non-profit regional theatre that hasn't produced a full season of performances since the pandemic started and they needed a solid plan for announcing their reopening and a campaign for getting the word out. We began with a consulting engagement that had us auditing and optimizing their website, including SEO, and making recommendations for improving their digital infrastructure. We helped them prioritize efforts, too, determining which tasks would get the most return on immediate investment and what the pacing of activities should be before the following season. We helped craft core marketing messages — easily employed, powerful bit-sized statements — that would ensure everyone is communicating with the same key elements. Finally, after website updates were completed and season passes available, we launched an online and on-air advertising campaign to engage existing patrons and attract new ones. Early interest is strong, and we're looking forward to "The Eagle" launching their new season later this Spring. 

Strategic Planning, Web and E-Commerce, Ticketing Subscriptions, Advertising, Video, and Content

Real Central NJ Soccer is a start-up soccer club building community. It offers the highest tier amateur men's and women's teams to Mercer County and the surrounding region, along with academy and training for ambitious younger players. And, it doesn't just provide a path to pro for aspiring young athletes; core to its mission is to provide community: a family-friendly, affordable soccer entertainment for families — for less than the cost of going to the movies — and serve as a platform for local businesses to connect with fans. Metamorphosis has provided continuous consulting, infrastructure, marketing, ticketing and subscriptions, and advertising support, just to name a few. We're so proud of what we've accomplished with RCNJ thus far. In addition to one of the best websites in the league and award-winning social media, we also produced a series of highly successful video ads following a year of quarantine, prior to their first season — before they even had a team with media assets to promote!

Consulting, Marketing, Infrastructure, Advertising, Gamification, and more

Buy Fresh Buy Local of the Greater Lehigh Valley initially engaged Metamorphosis to conduct light-weight market research, to help understand community perceptions of farmers' markets, locally produced foods, and the local food system. Our research took only three weeks to produce and our findings mirrored a recent NIH study — except that ours was published six months earlier and for a fraction of the cost (do we think the Federal Government's research network could learn for us? We like to think so!)

To address the findings from our research study, we crafted a series of core marketing messages that directly address those consumer attitudes and provide better positioning for farmers' markets and "reasons to believe" in the importance of locally produced food.

Most recently, we jointly delivered a gamified marketing campaign, aimed at leveraging our messages and providing incentives for target consumers to engage with the local food system. We produced everything from a digital game board with content as "missions," to advertising, print collateral, and marketing automation. Not only did the campaign attract new participants as consumers, but we had amazing feedback, testimonials, and user-generated content to help us amplify our messaging. Below is a short overview of the work...

Image by Alex Guillaume


At Metamorphosis, we are a small agency with a big-agency impact. You are not a number. You are hard-working with a mission and something to offer, and you need a hard-working team who will invest the time to understand your goals and develop a plan to get there, together.


We are in the business of building your business, which means we are here to follow through and follow up on all of our work together. Don't be fooled by the size or formulaic templates of larger agencies. If you want thoughtful solutions, creatively built for your unique mission, with real support, you'll find it with Metamorphosis.

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