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The Power of a Well Crafted Tag Line

A great tagline connects us to emotion. And by defining the product or service emotionally, it helps us define ourselves. For many, a tagline like “Think Different,” as simple as it is, connects independent thinkers to that product in deep, meaningful, and personal ways.

A good one-liner is clever and relatable. It resonates with common experience and still offers an intelligent new thought perspective. It entertains the brain and elicits an emotional response. There is nothing like a succinct well-crafted turn of phrase. We remember and repeat a good one-liner in all forms of entertainment. A well-crafted tagline is entertainment.

All you need is that phrase and it brings the whole picture and story into focus.

A well-crafted tagline works the same way. It's iconic and becomes part of the greater culture. It gets absorbed into the global dialog, becoming memes, jokes, t-shirts, and parts of speech. And your brand goes viral and has social relevance in perpetuity, even after the product is no more—like “you’ve come a long way baby.” So, just like in the movies, some one-liners become part of the general lexicon and brand gold...

Just do it

What's in your wallet?

The king of beers

Finger lickin' good

That was easy

I’m lovin’ it

The quicker picker upper

Where’s the beef?

Don’t leave home without it

The breakfast of champions

Can you hear me now?

A diamond is forever

Crafting the perfect tagline is a delicate and fun art. Some questions to ask are, what is the primary function of the product or service? What is the company’s unique fingerprint? Who is the primary audience? How does the product help and serve its customers? How does this product or service make the customer feel? What is the aspiration of the customer? What does the product represent?

A tagline that builds in a story or a visual will also be more memorable “Let your fingers do the walking” employs your visualization of the fingers walking across the pages. Once you have a visual reference you are more likely to remember it.

The brain loves fun. When looking at memory building and information retention exercises such as pneumonic devices, the most effective tools are the fun ones that entertain the brain. Our brain loves a good story or joke or puzzle. Those are the things that our brains hold on to. “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.” It paints a picture of a soft paper towel but is also funny. We remember it.

A great tagline connects us to an emotion, and by defining the product it helps us define ourselves. For many a tagline like “Think different,” as simple as it is, connects independent thinkers to that product in deep and meaningfully personal ways.


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