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The Stoic's Approach to Strategy

Expecting that volume-of-posts in social will somehow grow the top of your business's funnel could be a waste of time. But, it depends on the nature of the business and how leads are generated.

Keeping a cool head in business requires the heart and mind of a stoic. Being able to look at the big picture and hone in on the tiniest details and foresee opportunity with clarity and discipline is the job of a strategist. Only with an honest and appraising eye can an effective strategy be designed and implemented.

​“Chasing what can’t be done is madness. But the base person is unable to do anything else” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. 5.17

As important as knowing what your capabilities are, is knowing the capabilities of your team and all of your business partners, as well as the appetites of your target audiences. Are your goals aligned with your collective capabilities? If not, the most sound strategy is to regroup and align on your capabilities or refresh your goals. Any other approach would be a certain blunder. If you’re unclear about your capabilities in relation to your goals you might want to seek the help of a skilled strategist to do an audit.

Once capabilities and goals have been defined and aligned, it’s time to design a thoughtful plan.

Having an experienced strategist at the helm a project is having the voice of experience on one’s side. We all know that experience allows us to avoid pitfalls that the inexperienced may not be aware of. Experience also helps us accomplish tasks faster. A strategist who knows the territory can be invaluable to a company’s growth or in navigating previously uncharted waters.

Part puzzle master, part diplomat, part cartographer, a good strategist is a visionary with both feet on the ground. The strategist that you chose to be the architect of your project plan will be tasked with creating a blueprint for your growth, connecting the dots for your unique project, turning the individual capabilities into a constellation of capabilities.​


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