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Tracy Bonham

Industry: Music and Education Technology

Services Provided

  • Online Learning Management System (LMS) Consultation

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Advisory

  • Ongoing Digital Support and Consulting

Background and Challenge

Tracey Bonham, a Grammy-nominated musician, expanded her business portfolio by launching Melodeon Music, an early music education venture. The primary challenge was twofold: Firstly, selecting an optimal online LMS platform that could effectively support interest from area schools as customers. Secondly, Tracey faced issues in claiming past royalties on YouTube, necessitating expert guidance in navigating the complex landscape of Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Approach and Solution

Our agency undertook a comprehensive analysis of various LMS platforms, focusing on user-friendly interfaces, scalability, and multimedia integration capabilities. We recommended a platform that best suited Melodeon Music's unique needs, ensuring a seamless online music education experience.

For the DRM issue, we provided Tracey with consulting and guidance, particularly in relation to YouTube. We facilitated discussions with a DRM agency, ensuring it aligned with her needs for claiming past royalties and securing future earnings. This included negotiations and deal-signing with the DRM agency, tailored to protect her digital content while maximizing revenue.


The successful collaboration with Tracey Bonham exemplifies our agency's capability to provide tailored solutions in the merging fields of music, education technology, and digital rights management. Our ability to understand and address specific client needs in these niche areas not only resolved immediate challenges but also set the groundwork for Tracey's long-term digital strategy and success.

Tracy Bonham

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