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Logo Design

Approximate time to execute:

2 – 4 weeks

A great logo is simple and memorable. The best logos should not only evoke a strong feeling but should be easy to recall, so much so that can be drawn in the sand with a stick.

Your logo can show the world what your business stands for by using elements such as color, shape, and typography. Modern logo design isn't only about making the perfect logo, but making a "responsive" logo of various sizes and layouts that work across all types of placements, from print to web to video to social media and more.

So, what's typically included?

  • Logo research and design concepts: Two or three design concepts that illustrate different design approaches for your logo, based on your values and brand.

  • Logo package: Once a final concept is chosen, it is refined and additional variations are developed so that your responsive logo works in any placement.

  • Logo guide: If desired, a logo guide can be developed so that anyone who works with your brand understands how to use each of your logo variations. Included are both functional and technical guidelines such as placement by type, meaning, and clearspace, among others.

What are the outcomes?

A responsive logo and usage guide with a complete set of size and design variations to work in a variety of contexts from the masthead of your website to print banners, social media avatars and lapel pins, to television, and more:

  • Standard size: typically is comprised of the logo mark and typography in a "lock-up;"

  • Tall and/or Wide sizes: also comprised of the logo mark and typography in vertical or horizontal layouts;

  • Logo Mark: the most reductive version of your logo, this is the core of the brand's imprint and is common to all other visual identity elements.

No two situations are the same

All of our solutions are customized for your specific business case. We start with proven frameworks, not cookie-cutter solutions, and build the right plan for you.

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