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AI-Driven LinkedIn Lead Generation

Approximate time to execute:


Lead-gen isn't always about digital advertising or traditional marketing. Particularly for our service-oriented clients, we use a suite of software, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning (ML) along with creative messaging, to deliver new business leads from LinkedIn.

So, what's typically included?

  • Setup of software infrastructure and connection with your LinkedIn profile for mining contacts;

  • Sequenced creative messages;

  • Regular inspection and optimization of our lead-generation algorithms and creative messages;

  • Collaborative workflow design according to your desires and availability;

  • Data-driven outreach and prospecting on LinkedIn with AI- and Ml-driven workflow automation.

What are the outcomes?

  • Quality "warm" new business leads, rather than quantity.

  • Engagement with targeted leads rather than casting the wide net of advertising and social media

No two situations are the same

All of our solutions are customized for your specific business case. We start with proven frameworks, not cookie-cutter solutions, and build the right plan for you.

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