Principal, Creative Evangelist

Monika’s eclectic body of creative work demonstrates her original thought, and her clear and clean voice. Direct and insightful, Monika brings a specialty that is the art of crafting just the right combinations of words and phrases that represent the essence of an idea. For 20 years Monika has written award-winning content—from branding, business, and advertising to poetry and music. Her writing elicits emotion and spurs reflection and dialog around the world. She is that kind of writer.


Monika is a woman of big ideas. She’s someone that you want at the table. Not only are her ideas fluid and original, but they’re entertaining and informative without being “too clever.” Clients have described her collaborative process as “a joyful exploration.” Matching her creativity is her uncommon work ethic; she won’t rest until the puzzle is solved. Her tenacity has led to a habit of excellence, never resting until achieving results. Some people work to be creative, Monika is a born creative that loves to work.


She has applied these talents toward helping small- and mid-sized businesses, artists, colleges, and non-profits. In addition to her professional pursuits as a writer and creative director, Monika is a singer, musician, and voting member of the recording academy, having written and produced over ten records on her own label.

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What Makes a Compelling Logo?

A compelling logo is simple and easily recreated. Logos with too many elements are hard to remember. Was that a unicorn and a lion on the crest?

Avoid Jargon and Speak Like a Human

So speak like a human. That’s what sets you apart from a bot. Relate to the audience and the audience will relate to you. Really listen and react like a human. It will work wonders for your business.

The Power of a Well Crafted Tag Line

A great tagline connects us to an emotion and by defining the product it helps us define ourselves to ourselves.

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