Principal, Digital Evangelist

Jeremy Ryan is an award-winning, seasoned creative technologist—a digital and creative leader with expertise in strategic planning and execution of multichannel initiatives to strengthen market presence and gather audience engagement. As both a serial entrepreneur and digital practitioner, he has a passion for developing innovative solutions and brings a breadth of leadership experience, and a comprehensive perspective on interactive and integrated strategies. He has provided leadership to a wide range of clients across industries, from higher education and philanthropy, to marketing and communications agencies, entertainment, high tech, pharma, finance, retail, consumer goods and services, governmental organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Jeremy is currently principal for Metamorphosis, a digital agency that helps strengthen its clients’ digital infrastructures and online presence. Formerly, Jeremy led the creative and digital team at Lipman Hearne, an agency that focuses on non-profit organizations and higher education institutions. Prior to Lipman Hearne, he served as the director of development at Anthem Worldwide, the brand development division of Schawk, Inc. During his time at Schawk/Anthem, Jeremy honed his expertise in promoting brands and products online, becoming an expert in the “digital path to purchase” and delivering cutting-edge solutions for both the company and its clients.

While working at Schawk/Anthem, Jeremy taught advanced web design and programming at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has also led numerous online initiatives developing enterprise Content Management Systems (CMSs), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), Learning Management Systems (LMSs), and ecommerce systems, and has personally designed and engineered these software technologies with successes lasting in-market for over fifteen years. Jeremy spent nearly a decade refining his digital skills at Accenture, where he was a senior designer and developer, working as an end-to-end solutions architect, prototyping and delivering innovation in digital and multi-channel experiences.

Over the term of his career thus far, he has provided leadership to a wide range of clients including Caltech; the City of New Orleans; the City of Philadelphia; Cornell University; Johnson & Johnson; Juilliard; Lenovo; Microsoft; Nike; Ommegang; Toyota; the University of Chicago; the University of Notre Dame; and the US Departments of Commerce, Defense, Transportation, and Homeland Security, to name just a few.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Muhlenberg College and has completed certificates and online programs in web strategy, gamification, and analytics. Jeremy is a musician, technology entrepreneur, skier, and an avid amateur triathlete.

Insights and Perspectives

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