Bundle #2: Build Solid Assets

Branding, Assets, and Infrastructure

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Refreshing your business? New product or service? Your brand and assets—from advertising to websites—should make you look good. And, importantly, they should engage traffic and convert lurkers into customers, driving growth.


What it is

We start with your core! It’s true at the gym and it’s true for your business. When your core is in great shape so is the rest of you. We get to your company’s core: its brand, identity, messages, communications strategies, and its digital infrastructure, and we'll make sure it's in tip-top shape. We do this by honing in on your brand’s message and giving you a brand strategy, style, and identity kit. Once the brand is clear, we work with you to create the tools that you will need in the marketplace, including essential print and digital tools.


What you can expect

From our audit and recommendations, you may expect some or all of the following, depending on the needs of your unique situation:

  • Brand messages and positioning

  • Brand style and identity kit

  • Collateral (think business cards, office templates, signage, etc.)

  • Digital strategy and tactics, such as

    • Website

    • Software or web application

    • Social media content plan and templates


Why it matters

Whether you're bringing something new to the market or trying to amp up your existing business, success starts with calibrating your brand and your tools to meet the needs of your audiences and customers. The market will let you know what it wants and a truly customer-centric business is well-positioned to respond. 


Let's get busy! As with all great transformations, we start with the inside and work our way out!

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