Avoid Jargon and Speak Like a Human

Monika Ryan


You know that person that comes to the dinner party with all of their jokes and stories pre-planned? They don’t care what is going to happen at the dinner, they have their witticisms queued and ready to go. Most of us have come in contact with people who look right at you with a level of insincerity that seems a mask, avoiding all actual connection. It makes us uncomfortable and does not instill confidence.


No one enjoys the company of a smooth operator who talks in catchphrases. You can smell the insincerity a mile away and it leaves a film of fatigue. That’s the last kind of impression that you want to make on anyone, whether in a meeting or in advertising or on your website.

Though jargon can be tempting for its catchiness, it's an important cliche to avoid. As a business, your focus should be customer-centric and sincere. Communications should be tailored to the needs of the customer’s goals and at the level of your audience's understanding. There’s nothing like jargon to take the focus off of the unique needs of the customer and put squarely on the insincerity of the salesperson.


Business and commerce are about relationships. The relationship between the service provider or product and the customer. Trust is the key ingredient in every successful partnership and your partnership with your customers—whether strategic or transactional—is your business itself. If you want a healthy business you need to have an honest and supportive relationship with your customers or constituents. 


So speak like a human. That’s what sets you apart from a bot. Relate to the audience and the audience will relate to you. Really listen and react like a human. It will work wonders. 


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