Bundle #1: Set Goals

Audit and Recommendations

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We go for check-ups all of the time. We take our cars in to be inspected and tested and serviced. We update our wardrobes and haircuts. Your business and its digital footprint are no different. The climate changes, needs change, offerings change and, style changes. Sometimes we just want a professional opinion and some suggestions, and sometimes we know exactly what we want. 


A startup requires a solid plan and the right branding and infrastructure. And, a healthy business is always fine-tuning to meet the needs of their clients and the shifting dynamics of the marketplace, including their own offerings and infrastructure.​

What it is

Every great relationship starts with listening. We want to hear your story and your vision. We'll audit what you've done—from your branding and brand assets to social media to digital infrastructure—and discuss a plan together.


What you can expect

  • Consultation

  • Audit

  • Strategic plan


Why it matters

In order for us to really serve you, it’s important for us to understand where you have been, your current position, and where you would like to go. We can align and provide you with insights and a high-level plan in three steps:


  1. We start with a consultation. We'll meet with you to understand your current situation and analyze challenges. We'll assess together what's worked, what hasn't, and why.

  2. Next, we'll audit your brand and assets, reviewing products, services, infrastructure, and marketing. From print to social media to the web, we'll aim to understand where how you're perceived by your target audiences and prospective customers. 

  3. Once we can pinpoint where you are and where you want to go we design a high-level strategy to help you get to your desired destination. 


The modern digital agora is exciting! The key is not be intimidated. The way to feel more secure, empowered, and optimistic is to have a strong and knowledgeable partner to help you navigate and to teach you as you go.


Whether you come to us as a start-up or for a check-up, update, or a complete makeover, it’s a simple formula and it works! 

We want to hear from you!

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