Bundle #3: Attract Customers

Build a Better Marketing Funnel

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Where and how do your clients and customers find you? Do you find them? What is your plan?


What it is

Building a pipeline of customers is about more than buying ads. It requires a specific plan.  One that is driven by customer insights, and with the right mix of search, social, PPC, and content marketing. A good marketing plan understands the customer journey:

  1. how and where to attract customers,

  2. how to engage and where to send them, and

  3. how to convert once they arrive


And, as this is a unique blend of art and science, measurement and ongoing optimization are essential. Advertising may be the first impression, and a landing page may be the first experience. Data is our ally to calibrate content and design to ensure that we're fine-tuning in just the right ways for success.


What you can expect

From our audit and recommendations, and as an extension of your brand assets and digital infrastructure, you may expect some or all of the following depending on the needs of your unique situation:

  • Marketing plan

  • Organic and paid social media 

  • PPC

  • SEM and/or SEO

  • Campaign landing page(s)

  • Dashboarding and reporting


Why it matters

Whether you're bringing something new to the market or trying to amp up your existing business, success starts with calibrating your brand and your tools to meet the needs of your audiences and customers. The market will let you know what it wants and a truly customer-centric business is well-positioned to respond. 


With good planning and a vigilance toward ongoing optimization, your marketing and advertising mix can have a big impact—and with less waste!

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