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Grow awareness, leads, and engagement

Advertising isn't simply about the number of times your brand gets in front of your target audience — though that's one important component. The best advertising entertains or educates, and challenges the status quo. It's a gift you give to the viewer in exchange for their time to generate interest and consideration.

Don't waste the opportunity.

Funnel Marketing Basics

Funnel marketing is the path your customer takes from awareness to affiliation. In commerce, our goal for customers is not only about making a purchase but about repeat activities and evangelism. In non-profits and community organizations, the goal may be membership or subscribership, initially, but is also ultimately about evangelism.

To convert prospects to customers, you'll need to have a laser-focused strategy, compelling creative, and mechanisms to capture and continuously engage prospects. We will help you develop a winning campaign with measurable results.

7. Awareness: A target customer learns about your business or product. The often is the result of advertising or social media, and can also result from testimonials or evangelism from existing customers.

6. Interest: Leads gain more knowledge about your company and its products. This takes time, persistence, and often many brand impressions.

5. Consideration: Leads turn into prospects; prospects actively engage with content to learn more about your product or service.

4. Intent: Prospective customers demonstrate their interest in purchasing from you. There is an important opportunity to capture the lead at this moment using CRM (customer relationship management software, marketing automation, email, etc.) tools.

3. Evaluation: Prospects make a decision about whether to affiliate and/or make a purchase.

2. Purchase/Affiliation: A prospect makes the decision and becomes your customer/member.

1. Retention & Evangelism: A virtuous cycle when a customer or community member makes a repeat purchase and often becomes an advocate for your product, service, or community.

Funnel Marketing Graphic
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