We’re mission-focused on your mission


 You are making a positive difference, and when we champion you and your mission, we’re making a positive impact too. Neat right?   

We're all about a transformation from potentiality to accomplishment. We see not only what and where you are but what is possible, and we have the experience to help you realize your goals.

So, continue to dream big and make a better product, provide a service that sets the bar, or build a stronger community. At Metamorphosis, your mission is our mission.

Metamorphosis is a boutique digital agency, with over 40 years of combined experience. We are nimble and lean, with no corporate bloat. And our prices, pace, and outcomes reflect it.

Meet the principals


Jeremy is the strategist and architect. He will be the one to identify and connect you to your audiences. Jeremy is the engine with a sophisticated and entrepreneurial mindset, who leads the charge from design and strategy to implementation. More...


Monika is the messenger. She will be the one to generate your tagline, frame your business identity, or work with you to spark your big idea. Monika is the creative voice that represents and launches you into the spotlight. More...

Project Spotlight​

Sometimes we get curious and have an idea that we just have to make ourselves. When that happens, we'll feature it here. Often, if we think it's helpful, we give it away for free...


Setterboard is the shareable, manageable start menu for your business's internet. 


There are so many web apps we use today to get work done. We started working on a solution that would allow anyone to create groupings of links in a single location for use by your team, clients, and customers—and managed easily by you! That's Setterboard. Update your board and their view of the board is updated too.


Make it, share it, easy!

Based in New Jersey. 

Proudly serving savvy clients in the USA and around the world.

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